Edd Turtle

A software engineer specialising in web communications, Edd has worked as the lead software developer for a company developing an online conveyancing solution since 2013. He is a prolific blogger and is an avid open-source enthusiast.

James Roberts


Jaymie Phillips

A software engineer currently studying for his PhD, Jaymie specialises in embedded systems and low-level software development.

Kerry Tolhurst

A computer scientist specialising in computer hardware, Kerry was the primary engineer for a Swansea based PDA repair company. She is also an activist for many causes and often contributes her time to non-profit projects and activities.

Louise Tooze

A usability engineer currently studying for her PhD, Louise specialises in the design and optimisation of user interfaces with elements of quality assurance.

Luke Jenkins

A software engineer specialising in transport protocols and multimedia transcoding, Luke has worked as a software developer for a Swansea based security software company since 2013. They provide the leading security monitoring platform to the security industry by combining, audio and video data with real-time alarms and analytics.